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Body Callin' - Serena

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This song is about the love and passion a couple can share and what the partner inspires the other.
Let's turn up the heat peeps!!
Hope you enjoy.

Lyrics and chords

Hmmmm ... ×3
It's Serena on the beat yeah
Yes, it's Serena on the beat yeeeaah
It's Serena on the beat,
Comin' to tell ya, Comin' to tell ya aha

Verse 1:
Boy, the day that I met ya,
I had that feelin'
I can't deny
I fell at first sight
My eyes all ova ya
I couldn't say a thing
Still can't deny
Wanted that body just for one night

Bridge :
Can you hear my body callin'?
Can you feel that heat?
Do you feel the same?
Come and show me love

Boy the way you lookin' at me, yeah
I can tell you want that body
You and me, me and you
We gonna kill it in that room
No time for any talkin'
Just gimme that sweet lovin'
Your hands all ova me
Our bodies will be one

Verse 2:
Tonight you're gonna be mine
'Pon you I'll back up and whine
You know how to give it to me just fine
You make all dem other boys stand in line
Baby I'll give you that whine
With some dancehall and wine
Kartel, Popcaan, Alkaline
Tonight trip on pleasure airline



My body calls for you
Each time you take me higher, higher, higher
Let's hope it never ends!

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